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    Our Principles:

    Quality & Customer Service

About Bremont Homes

Gary Breda, Owner of Bremont Homes, says:

“Building quality homes and delivering top-notch customer service are two principles my father, Adriano Breda, taught me. This approach has served the company and our purchasers well.

Since my father started in the home-building industry over 40 years ago, who has established a name that people can trust has been the foundation for my success. I am proud to be a part of the second generation of Bredas involved in residential building and I am proudly carry on the tradition my father started. That tradition involves offering top-quality and dedicated customer service.

At Bremont Homes we believe in a hands-on approach to design and construction quality, which sets us apart from the competition.

I’ve personally been involved in building well over 15 years now. I learned about the industry from my father, who has also been an industrial builder. At Bremont Homes, we go above and beyond what our clients expect, and we consistently receive letters thanking us, in particular for our exceptional service. People appreciate the little things."

Gary Breda




(Our business, our uniqueness)

To establish Bremont Homes as Southern Ontario’s mid-sized builder with the clearest understanding and most personal connection to the needs and expectations of our home buyers.



Year after year, Bremont Homes will be recognized as Southern Ontario’s mid-sized home-building company of choice and the customer-relationship benchmark all other home builders strive for reach.

Our Values

The Seven Commitments of Bremont:


We will always put customer satisfaction first and foremost in all that we do.


We will respect the efforts of each member of our team and are committed to inspiring each individual to be the best they can be.


We are a responsible company that makes a difference by incorporating sustainable construction techniques and offering a choice of energy-saving features.


We can only achieve our goal of customer satisfaction with a focused attention to the details and it is our responsibility to maintain control over the process.


We are a highly effective, innovative, and fast-moving organization where each individual pushes the envelope towards constantly improving levels of customer satisfaction.


We are committed to building small- to mid-sized niche communities where families and individuals can feel a part of a true neighbourhood.


In order to make possible all of our core beliefs, values, and personal and corporate goals to give us greater flexibility in a continuously changing market and business environment, it is essential to maintain the fiscal health of the company.