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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Now that summer is over, you’re doubtlessly starting to plan fall home maintenance projects. As the leading builder of custom-built homes in Brampton and other communities in Southern Ontario, Bremont Homes has the following checklist of tasks that you can perform so your home is ready for the fall and winter.

Fall is also the ideal time for you to complete any projects around the yard that you’ve been putting off; with winter right around the corner, there’s a rapidly dwindling window of opportunity for you to do so. Before the first snow falls, we tell the owners of our custom-built homes in Brampton to:

1. Clean your gutters and downspouts: You want to make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris when the spring thaw arrives. Have a family member help you with this for safety reasons, since you will need to use a ladder.

2. Seal any gaps or cracks: If you want to keep your heating bills down this winter, seal any gaps around your windows with caulk.

3. Inspect your roof: Unless you have previous experience with a project like this, inspecting your roof is something that is best left up to the professionals. They will check for damaged shingles, leaking vents, and anything else that could cause your roof to start leaking if there’s heavy rain during the spring thaw and fall season.

4. Repair your driveway and walkways: If your driveway or walkways need any repairs, you should take care of them before the cold weather hits. Cold, plus the run-off during the spring, can cause further damage.

5. Drain and winterize your outdoor faucets: This also extends to any outdoor irrigation systems you may have. Any water left standing will freeze and potentially cause damage to your faucets and irrigation.

As the temperatures start to drop, you’re going to need to switch on your furnace. But before you do, we recommend replacing the filters if you didn’t already in the spring. We also recommend having a professional inspect your furnace every couple of years; if this winter is a repeat of the last one, you want to know that your furnace is going to be in good working order.

We also strongly recommend that owners of our custom-built homes in Brampton make sure to inspect all of their CO2 detectors before the cold weather rolls around. We offer anyone who purchases a home in any of our communities access to our exclusive Homeowner’s Portal, so residents will know the name of the manufacturers of everything in our custom-built homes in Brampton and our other communities.

Set aside a weekend to take care of home repair projects this fall; sometime before the first frost is best. The custom-built homes in Brampton from Bremont Homes are made to stand up to the elements, but if you put in that extra effort, your home will prove to be an even warmer, safer sanctuary this winter!


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