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Preventing Moisture Damage in Your New Home from Bremont

As the leading builder of new homes in Brampton, Bremont Homes prides itself on creating the best, most energy-efficient houses on the market. However, there are steps that homeowners who purchase a home in any of our communities can take to ensure that their home maintains a proper level of humidity year-round.

Moisture damage is caused by inadequate ventilation, while water-related damage occurs when water enters and remains in a structure. Besides improper ventilation, moisture damage can also be caused by a leaky pipe or fixture that is not immediately repaired, with improper ventilation possibly making it worse. Water damage can be obvious, or you may not notice it until it is too late and rot, mould, and even structural failure has set in; mould can cause serious health issues and structural damage requires expensive home repair.

To control moisture in our new homes in Brampton, we recommend running the ventilation system when showering or cooking; this will ventilate excess moisture out of your home. There are other tips homeowners can follow to keep moisture out of their home, such as keeping flowerbeds and other landscaping that requires regular watering at least six inches, or 150mm, away from the foundation of your home.

Our new homes in Brampton and other communities are built so that the land is sloping away from the houses, so rain and melting snow will run into the street and not into your basement. We also recommend cleaning your eavestroughs in the spring and fall to ensure that water can flow through easily; if it doesn’t, this can erode the ground near the foundation of your home, leading to depressions and water making its way into your basement.

While we use only the best materials for caulking around the windows in our new homes in Brampton and other communities, we recommend checking it every few years to ensure that it does not need to be touched up. We also recommend having your roof inspected every few years.

During the winter, keep the humidity level in your home at 30%–45%; anything higher will cause condensation on the window and damage to the surrounding structure. To avoid excess moisture in the summer in our new homes in Brampton, we recommend running a dehumidifier to ensure that the humidity level does not exceed 60%. When used in conjunction with the state-of-the-art climate control systems our homes come equipped with, you’ll keep your home at a comfortable temperature range.

Any leaky pipes or fixtures in our new homes in Brampton should be repaired within 48 hours and the area surrounding them cleaned and dried completely. Organic materials, such as paper and clothing, should be kept in dry areas where air circulates freely. A hygrometer can also be used to monitor the humidity levels in your home.

Finally, Bremont Homes advises that if you notice any musty odours, investigate and try to determine the location immediately. This can be an indicator of mould or rot and must be repaired quickly.

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