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The Benefits of Detached Homes

The Benefits of Detached Homes

As anyone who is shopping for a home can tell you, there is a dizzying array of types of homes available. In addition, the potential buyer might not know the first thing about some of the features listed or the difference between detached and semi-detached residences.

For many home buyers, a new detached home is the top choice, preferred by 60% to 79% of buyers according to 2010 surveys. That’s because this type of home provides a sense of privacy, floor space, and distance from neighbours.

About Detached Homes

This type of home is made for families and is typically built on a lot that is larger than the house itself, not sharing a wall with the home door. Other typical features of new detached homes include a separate driveway and even a garage.

Detached homes are common in both rural and urban areas, and though they are commonly associated with low-density, high-income areas, affordable ones are also available.

Detached homes can range in size from bungalows up to large mansions, with features also varying, such as differences in the number of bathrooms and the materials the homes are made from.


New detached homes also have a number of other advantages, such as the possibility of additions. They also come with yards, giving children a place to play and you a space to host social gatherings. It’s also great for pet owners, providing room for their furry friends to run around without worry.

Another big advantage is that you don’t have to pay the fees associated with living in a condominium, though note that maintenance is the homeowner’s responsibility. But perhaps the biggest selling point for new detached homes is the privacy they offer and the ability to return to your own space at the end of the day.

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