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Three Homes Remaining in the Crown of Creditview Community

Three Homes Remaining in the Crown of Creditview Community

If you’re looking at new homes in Brampton, now is the time to look at Bremont Homes’ Crown of Creditview community. There are only three new homes for sale remaining in this community, and they’re sure to go fast!

As the leading provider of new home construction projects in Brampton and Southern Ontario, we pride ourselves on providing luxurious, fully equipped homes that are ideally suited to young professionals who are looking at starting a family. Here are the three remaining estate homes in Brampton:

The Excelsior

This is one of our best new homes in Brampton. Built on a 50-foot executive lot, the two-storey home has three bedrooms, making it ideal for a small family, and the two bathrooms ensure that there won’t be chaos in the morning. The two-car garage provides a place to park vehicles to keep them dry on snowy mornings.

The Excelsior comes with an open-concept kitchen, large spacious living rooms and bedrooms, high ceilings, and a variety of other features that make it an ideal place to raise a family and entertain guests.

The Duchess

Our new home construction projects in Brampton include large, luxury homes such as the Duchess, and it’s little wonder that there’s only one remaining. The home is built on a large 50-foot lot overlooking the scenic Credit River and with its five bedrooms, it’s ideal for a large family.

Our new homes in Brampton all include multiple bathrooms and The Duchess is no exception. The home also comes fully equipped with 4.5 baths and a three-car garage that’s ideal for multiple vehicles and storage. Combine this with a large open-concept kitchen and spacious rooms, and you have a home that’s ideal for a growing family.

The Duke

The English manor-inspired Duke is one of our best estate homes in Brampton. It comes with a number of features that are ideal for everyone. It comes with five bedrooms and 4.5 baths, and the open-concept kitchen is ideal for large gatherings. The garage can fit three vehicles or provide plenty of room for storage and each of the five bedrooms will provide all the space you could ever need!

Don’t delay! These new homes in Brampton are sure to go quickly, so call Bremont Homes or visit today!