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Tips for a Great-Looking Lawn

The lawns of Bremont Homes new detached homes in Brampton are one of their best features. The large, spacious lots are ideal for hosting family gatherings during the summer and family play year-round. However, to keep your lawn looking lush, we recommend the following tips:

1. Test your soil: This simple step takes a lot of the guesswork out of caring for your lawn such as figuring out the pH and the nutrients in the soil. You can buy testing kits at a hardware store or have your soil tested for an affordable price.

2. Fertilize: Fertilizing your lawn should be one of the first pieces of yard work you perform in the spring. Slow-release organic fertilizer is your best bet. Start at the outer edge of your lawn then spread it in overlapping layers. You may have to mow your lawn more often following fertilizing it.

3. Add calcium: If you find your lawn has a lot of weeds, it may be a sign that your lawn has low concentrations of calcium. Try spreading high-calcium lime over your lawn. This will boost nitrogen and proteins in your lawn, robbing weeds of food.

4. Add compost: Yet another task to add to your spring yard work is adding compost. Add a 1/2-inch layer over your entire lawn and rake it in.

5. Apply herbicide: Crabgrass is a problem that affects many homeowners. To avoid this, add herbicide in the early spring, when crabgrass typically starts growing. Crabgrass needs sunlight to grow so you won’t have to apply herbicide to shaded parts of your lawn.

Other tips to keep the lawns of new detached homes in Brampton healthy include pulling weeds in the spring when the soil is still soft. You should also keep the blade of your lawnmower sharp. There are tools available for blade sharpening, or you can have it done at a hardware store.

While you may be tempted to fire up your lawnmower the moment your grass looks like it could use a trim, let it grow to three or three-and-a–half inches. This will shade weed seeds and prevent them from growing, as well as help the lawn retain moisture.

Spring is also the ideal time to add new grass, whether its seed or sod, since the weather is cooler and it will take root. We also recommend purchasing your sod or grass seeds based on your lawn’s combination of sun and shade.

At Bremont Homes, we pride ourselves on having great-looking lawns on our new detached homes in Brampton. Following these tips will keep your lawn looking lush from spring through to fall!


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