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Tips for Home Maintenance Throughout the Year

Now that you’ve bought a new home from Bremont Homes, the leading provider of new detached homes in Brampton, you have to start looking into home maintenance. While it may be tempting to just let a professional take care of your home maintenance, you, as a homeowner, can perform simple home maintenance tasks that will keep your home in good condition and help avoid costly repairs.

You can divide tasks in your home based on when they should be performed—everything from a monthly to a seasonal basis. Our new detached homes in Brampton were built to last, and with proper maintenance, your home will last for years.

We recommend that owners of our new detached homes in Brampton perform the following tasks on a monthly basis: inspecting and changing the filters in your furnace and air conditioner as needed, cleaning your kitchen sink disposal and range hood filters, and checking any fire extinguishers on a monthly basis. Every three months, you should also check the carbon dioxide and smoke detectors.

If you have any rooms where the toilets or sinks don’t get used regularly, we recommend flushing the toilet and running the water for a few minutes. You should also check the water softener and add any salt if it needs it.

Every six months, we recommend that the owners of our new detached homes in Brampton test their water heater’s pressure valve. This is something you may do anyway, but your home should be given a complete, top-to-bottom cleaning twice a year. We also recommend changing the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors twice a year. Finally, keep the coils of your refrigerator clean by vacuuming them every six months as well.

In the spring and summer, you should focus on the exterior of your home. In the fall, we recommend getting our new detached homes in Brampton ready for the next season; with the winters the Greater Toronto Area has experienced over the last few years, this is especially prudent! Finally, you should focus on the interior of your home during the winter.

If you require further advice on maintenance of our new detached homes in Brampton, contact Bremont Homes via phone or e-mail.


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