Why families choose Bremont Homes

There are some reviews on both ends of the spectrum here about Bremont.

There are some reviews on both ends of the spectrum here about Bremont. I want to be honest and fair when I say that I have experienced my own ups and downs during my purchase from the West Brampton site. I have bought 3 homes before this one. All from large builders that churn out hundreds of homes in each development, and I was used to the way they delivered a home. They had their process tight and all the “T”s crossed and ”I”s dotted but It all felt very cold and transactional. And although the houses were nice they were a bit blah in hindsight. None the less this big corporate process was all that I knew, so I did have some frustrations when dealing with a smaller, higher end builder. It wasn’t exactly the same as I had experienced before. There were issues with paperwork, disagreements with the owner, and even some mistakes made inside the house during construction. Of course all of this caused my wife and I some stress. This is where my experience stands out and where I have felt my “highs” with Bremont. The people behind the Bremont name, the ones that you actually work with from purchase to closing ( Tamara décor, Alicia office manager, Tony, Vince and Luke at the sight) are amazing and they all truly care about delivering your dream home. They seem to take it personally when the purchaser is stressed or unhappy (And don’t forget we are buying homes, sometimes expensive, potentially a long term dream home… so of course it will be stressful). Even Gary the owner got on the phone personally with me when I raised concerns. We didn’t always agree at the start of our conversations but in the end he made sure I was happy. They entire team has gone above and beyond to make sure that things get done properly and if a mistake is made, that its corrected to my satisfaction. Not just one of them, but each and every one of them in their own way, about work they can influence alone, or together as a team. They have met me on weekends, last minute, late in the evenings, at the site when I had concerns. I felt included, and that they were all on my side and didn’t want to let me down. And then there is the actual house. No matter what the other reviewers are frustrated about (which are legit concerns mind you), there is no denying that these guys know how to deliver a beautiful home. From the moment we walked into the model it was clear that this builder is different. The house just charmed the pants of you, but it wasn’t just the expensive upgrades. It was all the attention to detail. Our home is well laid out, has good standard materials, amazing exterior designs, and more. But all that still doesn’t cover it. There’s something intangible about the overall quality and design, you just have to walk through the house to feel it. We have three kids and we were looking for a place to stay put for up to 20 years and this house just crossed off so many items on our wish list. We feel like our house is a work of art and the street stands out from all the others around it. I’m in sales role at work, and my customers often say that we want to do business with companies that not only deliver on the agreement, but along the way can show flexibility, and value the relationship, ultimately looking for a partnership instead of a transaction. I can say that my experience with Bremont and my new home fits this description very well!